OMG I did a puff

Hi all,

My girl Tierra from my church, Antioch church of Long Beach representing Jesus Christ, wore a cute puff last night and I just had to try it. So since I was on 6th day hair I took my hair and pineappled it to preserve my curls and protected and went to sleep.

I used the goody ouch less bands and gently wrapped one around a hand full of hair. I did not even have to re- moisturize.

So I woke up in the morning, removed the bands and this is my hair when I started

I used my hands and started pushing my edges back so that I could start the hair style.

I then used my home made head band

Wrapped it around my head with the open ends in front and gently tightened the head band by pulling both ends, while gently pushing it back to create the puff. Once I got my desired puff, I wrapped it around 1 more time and then tied it. I think that I did a great job, tomorrow I think that I will try to make the puff a little lower.

I even added in a cute flower to match my outfit, and check out my earrings that I got from China town. I might need to shape it, but since this is my first attempt I think that I did an alright job.

Hay! What do you think? Do you have any tips to help other kinkies with creating a puff hair style?

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4 comments on “OMG I did a puff

  1. Lestina on said:

    Work it girl!

  2. Tierra Jackson on said:

    Well, heeeeeyyyyyyy! ….. I love it! I love this simple, yet cute hairstyle…. gone and kick it up with a flower!!! lol… Appreciate the shout out too lady… :0)

  3. Hi, have you tried the curl enhancing smoothie yet? Tell me what you think about it after you have used it.

  4. Tierra Jackson on said:

    I just used it for the first time today after doing a honey & coconut oil deep conditioning… So, next week sometime (after I have experienced a few days) I will let you know! :0)

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