Hair of the Day – Flat twist mohawk


I had to put my hair in a protective style since I had worn it straightened for two weeks, so I flat twisted my hair and pinned the ends up.

Picture 014 Picture 019 Picture 021 Picture 015

Picture 020

I wore my hair like this for five days and I just covered with a satin bonnet every night. I untwisted the ends and wore them out for a style.

Picture 024 Picture 027 Picture 028 Picture 029

I co-washed my hair doing my normal regimen. Used the 4cnaturalhair twist & define paste to wet set my flat twists and just let it air dry. Pinned up the ends, then untwisted the ends.

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Hair styles for wearing your hair while straightened

Hi everyone,

As you know, I recently had my hair flat ironed and I have been wearing it straight for two weeks. I am getting bored with it because it is just flat and there. So I have been trying to give it a little splashSmile

Here is a simple ponytail. But i added a cute headband because I was bored with just the ponytail.

Picture 004

Picture 003

Picture 002

Since my ends have been out for two weeks, I tried to get them off of my shoulders and clothes because I don’t want to lose the length that I retained. So I flat twisted one side and the back and then let the other side hang down.

Picture 005

Picture 006

Picture 009

Picture 011

Picture 012

Picture 013

I am bored with my hair and do not want to damage my ends so I will wash it this weekend and flat twist it up. Stay tuned …….

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Length Check

Hey everyone.

I have not trimmed my ends or straightened my hair as far as a press or flat iron in 2 1/2 years and I have been wearing my hair in its natural state and protective braids and kinky twist styles. I have only been co-washing my scalp every week unless I have removed a protective style that has been in for weeks and I will shampoo my scalp to cleanse it. I have been pre-pooing once a month with the 4cnaturalhair pre-poo and then flat twisting or two strand twisting using the 4cnaturalhair twist & define butter and it has really paid off. I have retained much length and my hair is very healthy. I went ahead and had it straightened to see how long it has gotten, and I must say, it has grown!




Here is what it looked like before the curling


I pin curled the front bangs and wrapped my hair, covered with a net then a satin bonnet and went to sleep. This is how it came out the next day at work.


Here are my top 5 tips for retaining length:

1. Always focus on your ends because they are the oldest and most fragile part of the hair

2. Co wash your scalp once per week and apply a thick leave in conditioner after washing and seal the moisture in with an oil or butter.

3. Do not trim your ends unless they are damaged.

4. Keep your ends protected in protective styles as much as possible and only bring your ends out on special occasions or when necessary.

5. Do not use store bought products, make your own from natural and pure ingredients.

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Kinky twists style

Hi everyone,

You know that I love kinky twists and I had some put in two months ago. I love the way that they start to look more and more natural the longer that you have them. I just throw mine to the side and it is a great style that is easy and can be worn anywhere.


Very simple and sexy.

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First day of school hair

Hi everyone,

For my daughter’s first day of school, we decided to do a mohawk. So we pre poo’d, washed and conditioned then blow dried her hair. She had to get her hair flat I ironed for the part that would be the “hawk”


this is the finished product


At night we would pin curl the hair with bobby pins and then tie it up



After one week of letting her ends hang out flat ironed, I went ahead and put some conditioner into a water bottle with some water, sprayed the back of her hair and two strand twisted her hair to create a different style


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Wash n Go

Hey everyone.

It is that time, summertime, to wear our hair out a little bit if we want to. So I just co-washed in the shower, jumped out applied my leave in conditioner, then sealed it in with wild growth. Pinned one side back a little and rolled out!







Very quick and simple. Hope that you like

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Experiencing slow growth? By

What we eat plays a large role in how our hair grows. What we eat
also influences how quickly our hair grows. It can also influence
the fullness of our hair and with some things it can even have a
small role in altering the texture of the hair as well.

Sometimes we look at people from certain cultures who while they
may have “kinky’ hair, their hair seems to grow effortlessly.
Is it only genes? If you go a little deeper you will discover
that there is an entire lifestyle in food and behavior patterns
which influence their look as well as their hair growth

The standard American or Western diet has very low nutritional
value. If your diet consist of prepackaged foods, fast foods,
over cooked meals then you can expect your hair to reflect this
low nutrition diet. Expect fragile, thin, slow growth in such a

Many strong ethnic cultures around the world rely on natural
organic foods rich in nutrition. Sure most of them don’t even
understand the value of having such food as a standard. I am sure
many of them dream of frozen dinners, or some fast food outlet.

But to their benefit, their food is the best. Ground provision
and raw foods are packed with nutrition. The food then becomes a
medicine for good health. When it comes to stimulating slow
growing hair, examine your diet. Then alter it to include more
fresh foods.

Include more green leafy vegetables, more nuts, more fish and
avocado. All these things are a tremendous amount of potent
nutrition which will enhance the shin of your hair, the thickness
of the strands and how easily your hair grows.
Want to learn more secrets and create a plan?:

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Revive dry, lack luster hair – By longhairsecrets

The most effective treatments for hair care don’t have to cost
much or come prepackaged from your beauty supply store.

Extra Virgin Olive oil is one ingredient that penetrates and
fortifies the strand. It also locks in moisture when applied to
damp hair.

Honey is a very good humectant. Humectants help to keep moisture
in place. So in order to benefit from a humecant your hair must
already have some form of moisture, such as water.

If your hair is seriously dry, a combination of olive oil and
honey can dramatically revive your hair.

Warm half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, then add 1/4 of honey
to the warm olive oil. Let it sit for 10 minutes then apply to
your freshly washed damp hair.

Wrap the hair and leave the treatment in for 30minutes to one
hour. Then rinse out.

What you will notice is hair that feels more supple and a lot
less dry than before.

Take the leap, grow your hair faster and with ease:

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Kinky feature of the week – Lionelle Walker


Name and where you live: Lionelle and I live in Compton, Ca

How long have you been natural? 9 years and loving it

Why did you decide to go natural? I used to wear s-curls, but this is less work and I feel free.

What are 5 things that you have learned about your hair?

1. It actually is manageable. 2. It is coarse 3. I have to keep it moisturized

What is your wash regimen?

I wash every 1 – 2 weeks and then spray oil sheen on my hair. I don’t focus on my ends because I have locks. I can use any shampoo and conditioner as long as I moisturize it after.

How do you keep your hair moisturized?

Oil sheen spray. My hair looks dry sometimes but hold moisture.

What is your favorite natural oil to seal your ends?

None, because I have locks and I do not focus on my ends.

Do you protect your hair at night? If so, with what?

A simple satin bonnet

What natural hairstyles do you like to rock the most?

Pulled back. I like to grab some of the locks from the bottom and create a head band.

In this picture, I am using a simple head band to pull my locks back.


What natural hair tip would you like to share with other naturals?

Important – Be confident in any style that you rock because without confidence, you won’t be happy.

How do you feel about women that wear their hair in it’s natural state?

I think that it is very sexy.


Thanks Lionelle foreseeing your kinky hair as being healthy, by taking care of it today.

If you would like to follow Lionelle because he has a great gift that God has blessed him with (his voice) and he is currently working on tracks for his gospel album you can find him on facebook :

Have a blessed day.


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Kinky hair tip of the day – Wash your scalp when wearing a protective style

Hi everyone,

As you know, I got individuals and I have been just wearing them down so that I do not put any strain on my edges for the first couple of weeks. On the third week I went ahead and washed my scalp with shampoo and water in a spray bottle. By doing this weekly, this will keep my scalp clean and healthy so that I maximize my growth. At three weeks I already have 1/2″ so since I have cleaned my scalp, I should get more. Yaaaay

Keep your scalp clean and moisturized when in a protective style to maximize your growth.

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