Essentials of Spiritual growth Part 3 – By Charles Stanley

Sharing –

The third essential element for growth is sharing your life – first with the Lord, then with others. Although salvation unlocks the door for a relationship with God, the depth of the fellowship depends upon your willingness to be open and honest with him.

He wants  you to think of Him, not as a distant savior but as your intimate friend. The apostle Peter admonishes us to “grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18)

However, you’ll never learn to know Him unless you engage in intimate conversation with him. Tell him what’s on your mind and how you feel. Cultivate a life or continuous honesty, confession, and repentance.

The second area is sharing with people. We all need a few Christian friends with whom we can openly share our struggles, heartaches, and good times, too. As God pours His life into yours through scriptures an the Holy Spirit, He wants you to let it flow on to others. You can’t live like an island and expect to grow in the Lord. Christ has designed his body to be interconnected- helping, supporting, and praying for each other. But if you receive and never give,  you’ll become stagnant and stop growing.

Charles Stanley

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