7 tips to reviving unruly hair – By growitlong.info

Do you ever feel frustrated and saddened by your hair?  I think
most of us do at some point.  One woman wrote to me about her
hair and her email made me quite sad, but I truly sympathized
with her.
I thought about including it in this email but it was so longer I
decided not too.  Instead I decided to address her feelings in

First off, I think most if not all women of all backgrounds have
at some point in time struggled with their hair.  Some days your
hair is just not going to behave as you would like it too.  When
your hair is not at its best it can also affect how you feel
about yourself.  But, keep in mind that this is temporary.

When you gain an understanding of what is affecting your hair and
what you can do to treat it you will find yourself having fewer
bad hair days.

Know for sure that your hair is not bad hair, it’s not inferior
in anyway.  Keep in mind that something you are using may not be
going with your hair.  Know that there are ways of getting your
hair to feel full, bouncy and grow with little effort.
My Personal Hair Hating Days

Your difficult hair is based on things you maybe routinely doing.
There were many days when I wanted to give up on my hair.  I
thought that my hair was fragile, thin and got tangled way too
easily.  The struggle with my hair caused me a lot of sadness.

There were so many things I did wrong

1.) Washing my hair too infrequently, every few weeks.  YUCK!!!
2.) Larding it up with heavy, expensive, gunk
3.) Applying too many products one on top of the other.
4) Using cheap shampoos.
5.) Weaving it up so I could hide from it.


These are some of the things I did over and over.  Well that’s
more than fifteen years ago.  I no longer run away from it, no
more synthetic hair UNLESS I choose to put my hair through a
growth surge and a give it a rest.  Then I may braid it.
If you are struggling with your hair, read the ebook, it will
explain many of the things you are doing now to stunt your hair
growth and keep it in bad condition.  http://www.growitlong.info
More importantly it will show you how to get your hair to grow
fuller, faster, more vibrant, and how to make it behave the way
you want.

7 Tips to Fix Miss Behaving Hair
1.) Plait it up.  Plaiting the hair whether you get it
professionally braided or do your own natural plaits give the
hair a break from all that handling.  Sometimes your hair gets
stressed from styling and it just needs to be left alone.
2.) Change your style – Pulling and manipulating your hair to
look a certain way forces the strands to mold to a certain look
which can and most often causes stress too.  If you find yourself
wearing tight buns every day, don’t be surprise if you begin to
lose your hair and go bald.  Something as simple as just changing
that look for a few weeks will give your hair a break and time
for your scalp to heal.
3.) Change your shampoo – The same shampoo could be causing
serious buildup on your strands and your hair is no longer liking
it.  Get a new shampoo and conditioner, preferably one without
4.) Wear a wig – Yup I said it!  It’s not for everyone but if
you live in the cold and you feel frustrated with your hair
wearing a wig will give you a change of look while you figure out
how to properly care for your hair.  Not using the wig as an
excuse to neglect your hair, learn to care for it during that
5.) Get rid of buildup – Add about a quarter cup of Apple Cider
Vinegar to two cups of water.  You’re your hair first then
rinse your hair with it.  Let it stand on the hair for about 2
minutes then run some cold water over it.  This will help get rid
of all the buildup that will cause your hair to go flat and dull.
6.) Steam your hair with some castor oil but don’t rinse it
out.  That’s where a good wig will come in.  Saturate your hair
and scalp with the castor oil for a week.  Then at the end of the
week give your hair a good washing, (with a natural shampoo)
This will revive your hair, thicken it and give it lots of shine.
7) Give up all chemicals for a month.  Toss aside all the things
that you can’t pronounce, including that relaxer.  (Oh God This
is Where I run and duck…if any of you read this far then you
are with me, DON’T SHOOT!)  hahaha

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