Distilled water or Tap water?

Distilled water, what is it?

Distilled water is any water that has been boiled until it changes into steam. Once the steam is allowed to cool down and condenses into liquid form again, the result is a  purified form called distilled water. By doing this, you are removing a number of microscopic contaminants, impurities, along with dissolved minerals such as calcium and iron. And these mineral deposits can damage the hair over time.

Distilled water is safe to drink, but it is often used for research where water purity is essential.

Are distilled water and Tap water the same?

No. Distilled water is pure water, where all contaminants, gases, chlorine, impurities and bacterias have been removed.

Cons of  distilled water:

* Excess amounts of distilled water consumed by the body absorbs more carbon dioxide.

* Regular intake of distilled water causes rapid loss of electrolytes in the body which can lead to dehydration.

Pros of distilled water:

* Excellent source of water to create your own products to prevent or reduce the spoiling process, due to lack of contaminants normally found in regular tap water.

* Softens the hair, since it is known as the “soft water” due to the distillation process.

Tap water -

Tap water has chlorine added into it to make it alright for us to use and drink on a daily basis. The more chlorine that we use in our hair, the more damage we can get over time.

I personally use distilled water to create my moisturizing mist and anything else that I will spray in my hair. What about you do you notice the difference when you use distilled water vs tap water?



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2 comments on “Distilled water or Tap water?

  1. Evon T. on said:

    Absolutely! I now rinse the condtioner out of my hair with purified water. I’ve used Deer Park and other spring waters, but haven’t tried distilled yet. I have noticed that my hair is THE SOFTEST IT’S EVER BEEN! I’ve only used this purified water rinsing for my hair during my last 2 shampoo days, and I’m never going back to rinsing my conditioner out with regular tap water. My hair was dry, brittle, and would not properly absorb any moisture I tried to put back into it. If my shower head is milky-white from the calcium deposits in the water, then why would I not think that those deposits were sitting on the surface of my hair strands? I rinse with spring water placed in a large bowl and into my kitchen sink. Love it! Today, I’m going to buy the distilled water, and I’m hoping for even softer hair, if that’s even possible considering the way my hair now feels … so juicy! Thanks!

  2. admin on said:

    YAAAAY, Please come back and let us know how the distilled water did with your hair. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day.

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