Not retaining length- 6 Things that can snap off our kinks

Hey all,

Somewhere down the natural journey line you might ask yourself, “Why am I not retaining length and i have my moisturizing and sealing routine down packed?”

So I am going to give you 6 things that we do not even think about when pampering and styling our kinky hair that can snap off our kinks.

1. Bobby pins- When the little tip comes off of the bobby pin, it will snag our kins right out when we push it through the hair and take them out. So toss the ones that have lost the tip and use new ones.

2. Accessories – All accessories that have a metal clip or clasp on them, or any metal piece, can easily get stuck in your kinks and can snag our hair/ ends out when removing or installing them. So just be very patient when installing and removing.

3. Combs/ brushes – I rarely ever use a comb or brush in my hair. I always finger part and finger detangle. I use a tangle geezer for what I cannot detangle with my fingers. So if you do not have one, invest in one or a den-man brush. Always detangle kinky hair while wet and loaded with conditioner to reduce breakage.

4. Hats/ scarfs/ clothing – When ourĀ  kinky hair gets past shoulder length, it is time for those ends to be put up. Cotton and wool will snag and snap our ends right off while we are styling and looking good and there goes your length retention. Line your hats and scarfs with satin or silk (or satin bonnet for hats) to prevent the ends from getting caught in the material.

5. Cotton towels- I know that since we were small, we have always used a full bath towel out of the linen closet to dry our kinky hair. Well STOP! The hair gets stuck in all of the cottons loops and holes and our hair snaps off. Opt for an old white T-shirt or microfiber towel in lieu of a cotton one. Your hair will be so happy Smile.

6. Your fingernails- When our fingernails have sharp edges or we have manually removed some of it, and then you try to finger detangle or style, the nail rips right through the hair strand, detaching it from the rest of it. So try to make sure that your fingernails are not sharp or have a sharp edge prior to detangling and styling.

So pay attention to these things when preparing to detangle and style your hair so that you can retain length.

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2 comments on “Not retaining length- 6 Things that can snap off our kinks

  1. Very nice tips! Although I will still use hair clips I am always careful when taking them out. :)

  2. I had to learn the hard way, that is why I did a post on it. Thanks for the compliment and I love clips, combs and flowers too. I will always use them. Have a great day!

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