This month’s giveaway – Satin pillowcase

Hey everyone,

Now you all know that I love to give away the kinky hair care basics, so this month I am giving away: 1 satin pillowcase.

For you married ladies who’s husbands do not want to see you in that satin bonnet, this one’s for you!

This satin pillowcase if fuchsia in color and has a zipper so that it stays on the pillow.

The only thing that you have to do is:

1. Like me on Facebook if you have not already

2. Leave a comment on what you think about my logo.

My logo can be found on my facebook fan page, which is listed above.

The end date to submit is Friday, June 29, 2012 at midnight to be eligible to win. The winner will be chosen and I will post it on Monday July 2, 2012.

It is a win, win situation. You win and so do I. Yaaay

Have a blessed day in Christ everyone!

Happy giveaway!

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6 thoughts on “This month’s giveaway – Satin pillowcase

  1. I actually like the banner because I can see the actual curl in your hair. My only comment would be to change the writing on the side, it looks like its just there to me :/

  2. I really like that you cropped your head of hair to include it in the logo. That’s something that I think will bring out the meaning of your blog — especially someone with 4C hair. I think that needs to be bigger and centered, though. I don’t like the font because I don’t think it has enough character. Your blog posts are really colorful and savvy, and I think that needs to be portrayed in the font.

    If you’re going to use blue (which is a great color), then I think you should change the color of the words. Lastly, I think the words need to connect with your head of hair on the logo. I feel you’re really close to creating a BEAUTIFUL logo. Logo creations take time, but I can see that you’ve been working really hard!

  3. Thank you so much for your feedback, this is what I need. And this is only round one for me girl.

  4. your logo is cute we can see you curly hairn but I think it will be great if you put many picture of your hair in differents styles I don’t know it’s my idea ;)
    Keep the good work.

  5. Hi Evah, thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate everything that you tell me. I like the idea of the different pictures of different hairstyles for my blog and business cards. Great idea. Have an awesome day.

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