Protective styles of the week – Tierra


Hi Everyone, Tierra has put herself on a protective style challenge, she is like me, she likes to change it up as often as possible. So she is trying to keep her kinky Afro textured hair in a protective style for the whole week. That is great because our fragile type 4c kinky Afro textured hair needs a much protection and less manipulation as possible.

This protective style right here is the bomb to me, it is elegant and sexy, yet not too much. Keep it simple sistah!

Here is Tierra’s hair in two strand flat twists all over. She styled on dry hair only using a gel mixture that she creates at home that is moisturizing and has hold (eco styler & Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie). Then pinned up the ends to protect them.

Thank you Tierra for putting yourself on a protective style challenge and challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. You might actually like not having to do anything to it rather than manipulating your type 4c kinky Afro textured hair often. Hope that you retain some length.

Have you put yourself on a protective style challenge to give your hair a break lately? If so, send in some pictures of your styles to

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