Hey ladies and gents,

Here is my FREEDOM FRIDAY hair. If you don’t know what to do with it, just pin it up and let it hang!

Ok, I don’t know why I was looking crazy, but here is another shot of it.

All that I did is take about 10 bobby pins, push all of my hair to the side (no comb or brush) and then pin it up.

Remember that you can send in your FREEDOM FRIDAY pictures to my e-mail. and just include a small caption about your hair do and where you were going. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Happy Friday everyone!

I know that I was supposed to wait until Sunday to take down my two strand twists, but I just had to do a FREEDOM FRIDAY post because it has been a while!

So I started with this:

During the week I pinned some back to the side and switched sides. But I did not do anything to manipulate other than that. With the 4cnaturalhair twist & define butter, I did not even have to moisturize because my hair stayed soft and moisturized. At night I just sleep on my satin pillowcase in my satin bonnet.

And then today, I unleashed the twist for some great definition:

I cannot wait to get this product out there to you guys. Have an awesome weekend!

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Happy FRIDAY everyone!


Here is my wash an go using kinky curly knot today as leave in and
curling custard to define and moisturize. Later sealed with coconut
oil my hair stayed moisturized for 3 days. Two flat twists and an
accessory in the front.

Here I am with a two strand twist out, I just untwisted my two strand twists and pinned one side to the back.

If you would like to have your hair do on the next FREEDOM FRIDAY post, please e-mail me at Include a short memo about your hair style and your name. Thank you everyone and enjoy your three day weekend !

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Freedom Friday

Hi all,

It is FRIDAY again.

If you would like your hairstyle to be on the next Freedom Friday post, please e-mail it to me @

Ashley attended her family reunion last Friday and sent in a picture of her hair style. It is “the bomb” and her hair looks nice and shiny and healthy.It is thick too, I really love this style because it does not have too much going on at one time. Nice job girl!

Flat twists on the side and let the rest out to be FREE!!!!!!


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Hey Everyone, Happy Good Friday.

Freedom Friday do’s:

I call this one “Sunshine” because my hair is light the suns rays and the flower brings out the color of the sun.

Here is Lestina with her Freedom Friday hairdo! She just had to take over!

And last but not least is Tierra getting her sexy on!

Happy Friday!

If you would like to participate in Freedom Fridays, please e-mail me your Freedom Friday picture and a little note about it. Have a great Resurrection weekend!



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Happy Friday everyone. I put my hair in a puff this morning for work and added my favorite red flower to it. Simple. Keep it simple Sistah!

Here is a close up of the texture in the puff.

I hope that you like it. I have a tutorial on this puff, you can see it on my Youtube channel or just click on the tag to the right of the post that says tutorial.

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Hey everyone,

I know that it has  been a long time since I have done a FREEDOM FRIDAY post, so here we go!

We have Tierra with her bomb side puff hair style going on.

I love how you can see her definition here.

And I took out my kinky twists hairstyle  and just washed and conditioned my hair in the shower this morning before work. I normally always pre-poo but had no time today. Boo! But my kinky hair is just fine because I kept it moisturized in the kinky twists and washed my scalp while they were in.

I flat twisted both sides of my kinky hair and added a flower accessory on one of the sides. I have a pompadour bang and let the back just hang! (Not really because of shrinkage)

If you would like to participate in a FREEDOM FRIDAY post, please leave a picture of your kinky natrual hair style and a little bit about the picture in my email bag:

Have a blessed day!

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