Hair of the Day – Flat twist mohawk


I had to put my hair in a protective style since I had worn it straightened for two weeks, so I flat twisted my hair and pinned the ends up.

Picture 014 Picture 019 Picture 021 Picture 015

Picture 020

I wore my hair like this for five days and I just covered with a satin bonnet every night. I untwisted the ends and wore them out for a style.

Picture 024 Picture 027 Picture 028 Picture 029

I co-washed my hair doing my normal regimen. Used the 4cnaturalhair twist & define paste to wet set my flat twists and just let it air dry. Pinned up the ends, then untwisted the ends.

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First day of school hair

Hi everyone,

For my daughter’s first day of school, we decided to do a mohawk. So we pre poo’d, washed and conditioned then blow dried her hair. She had to get her hair flat I ironed for the part that would be the “hawk”


this is the finished product


At night we would pin curl the hair with bobby pins and then tie it up



After one week of letting her ends hang out flat ironed, I went ahead and put some conditioner into a water bottle with some water, sprayed the back of her hair and two strand twisted her hair to create a different style


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Wash n Go

Hey everyone.

It is that time, summertime, to wear our hair out a little bit if we want to. So I just co-washed in the shower, jumped out applied my leave in conditioner, then sealed it in with wild growth. Pinned one side back a little and rolled out!







Very quick and simple. Hope that you like

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Protective style – Individuals

Hi everyone,

Saturday I had some individuals put in using the black “n” gold synthetic hair and they are looking bomb, I must say. Lol


7 hours, 7 hours. That is all that I can say. I will wash my scalp with conditioner only every week and I will do a tutorial for you when I do the first wash and post it.


This one is kind of a crazy picture, but I wanted you to see the back.


I love this style and i will do so many styles with these braids in, my ends are protected and I can co-wash as often as possible. Hope that you like.


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Hair of the day – Just pinned to the side

Good morning out there in 4c land! How is everyone doing?

Yesterday I wore a Bantu knot out that was (as Lestina would put it) so last night I just threw on a satin bonnet and went to sleep. This morning I took my water bottle and spritzed my hair all over and then flat twisted the sides and back and bobby pinned them up and let my hair just do what it do baby!

Have a great day!

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Keep your hair off of your shoulders

I really like the Bantu knot out because it keeps my hair off of my shoulders and prevents the ends from rubbing against anything and becoming damaged. It may look short, but I got length!

So don’t underestimate a hairdo! Lol just kidding.

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I tried a Bantu knot out and got great results

Hi everyone,

I pre-poo’d my hair overnight, washed, conditioned. Applied my leave in conditioner, sealed the moisture in with Shea Butter, applied the 4cnatural hair twist and define butter to my hair starting with my ends and grabbed hair and twisted. Tucked the hair around itself and placed a bobby pin on each knot. I removed the bobby pins before going to sleep and wore my hair in Bantu knots to church.

Today, I just untwisted each knot carefully and separated the hair.

Untwisted and fluffed:


Man I am loving this style. My curls are tight and not hanging onto my clothes and it has shine and is very soft.

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Nicole’s twist out

Hi everyone,

Do you remember when Nicole got a new do? Well she decided to let the two strand twists out and leave the french braids in and it is gorgeous.

Looking good girl. She got great definition from leaving the twists in for a while. Great style.

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Protective styles of the week – By Lestina

Hey everyone,

Ms. Lestina has been doing her thang with the kinky twist hair. She has been washing and conditioning, then sealing. Applying a little bit of IC gel, grabbed the hair twisted and twirled. I call it a freestyle hairdo and they both look great on her.

Ok here is my favorite. The bang with the cloves is just killin’ it.

I am loving all of these different styles. Her ends are tucked away and she does not have to manipulate her hair at all while changing styles. This is a great protective style that you can change as often as you change your clothes. Hahahahahaha

Thank you for sharing Lestina!

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Hair of the day – By Nicole Braids and twists on the end

Hi everyone.

Nicole has sent in her pictures of her new style that is off the chain. I love it and she is working it with a cute black dress.

Here are shots from different angles.

This is a great style and I am going to try it. Once I get it down, I will do a tutorial for everyone. This is stylish, yet elegant. You worked it girl!

Thank you Nicole for being a blessing to us and showing us a new style to try, while keeping our ends protected and retaining length.

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