Experiencing slow growth? By Growitlong.info

What we eat plays a large role in how our hair grows. What we eat
also influences how quickly our hair grows. It can also influence
the fullness of our hair and with some things it can even have a
small role in altering the texture of the hair as well.

Sometimes we look at people from certain cultures who while they
may have “kinky’ hair, their hair seems to grow effortlessly.
Is it only genes? If you go a little deeper you will discover
that there is an entire lifestyle in food and behavior patterns
which influence their look as well as their hair growth

The standard American or Western diet has very low nutritional
value. If your diet consist of prepackaged foods, fast foods,
over cooked meals then you can expect your hair to reflect this
low nutrition diet. Expect fragile, thin, slow growth in such a

Many strong ethnic cultures around the world rely on natural
organic foods rich in nutrition. Sure most of them don’t even
understand the value of having such food as a standard. I am sure
many of them dream of frozen dinners, or some fast food outlet.

But to their benefit, their food is the best. Ground provision
and raw foods are packed with nutrition. The food then becomes a
medicine for good health. When it comes to stimulating slow
growing hair, examine your diet. Then alter it to include more
fresh foods.

Include more green leafy vegetables, more nuts, more fish and
avocado. All these things are a tremendous amount of potent
nutrition which will enhance the shin of your hair, the thickness
of the strands and how easily your hair grows.
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Revive dry, lack luster hair – By longhairsecrets

The most effective treatments for hair care don’t have to cost
much or come prepackaged from your beauty supply store.

Extra Virgin Olive oil is one ingredient that penetrates and
fortifies the strand. It also locks in moisture when applied to
damp hair.

Honey is a very good humectant. Humectants help to keep moisture
in place. So in order to benefit from a humecant your hair must
already have some form of moisture, such as water.

If your hair is seriously dry, a combination of olive oil and
honey can dramatically revive your hair.

Warm half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, then add 1/4 of honey
to the warm olive oil. Let it sit for 10 minutes then apply to
your freshly washed damp hair.

Wrap the hair and leave the treatment in for 30minutes to one
hour. Then rinse out.

What you will notice is hair that feels more supple and a lot
less dry than before.

Take the leap, grow your hair faster and with ease:


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Hey everyone,

Here is my daughter and I’s new year’s eve protective styles. It has been so cold and dry outside, so I gave our hair a little TLC with pre-pooing over night and then really pampering and layering the butters and oils. Then blow dried so that we could get braided up

I have added hair and my daughter is all real. It takes me like an hour to wash and condition her hair, it is so thick and long.

But yes we look good and our ends are protected so that we can retain some more length!


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Kinky hair tip of the day – Add extra moisture to your hair during the winter season

With it being so cold and dry outside, you should be adding extra moisture to your hair and ends to help protect the hair and combat dryness, which can ultimately result in damage.

Ways to add extra moisture to our hair:

Pre-poo -

I always say to pre-poo before you wash, no matter what season it is. It helps to give our kinky hair the natural oils and moisture that we lose since our hair is not in the form of an “S” when it dries.

Co-wash only -

During the winter season, only use the conditioner to wash your hair. This will definitely add moisture to your kinky textured hair and ends.

Moisturize your hair at night before going to sleep -

If your hair is starting to feel a little dry or just if you want to give your kinky textured hair more moisture, moisturize it and seal the moisture in at night, slap on a satin bonnet or scarf and hit the sack. This will allow your hair to retain the moisture so that it will be ready for the morning.

Seal the moisture in with a heavy oil or butter -

This will allow you to keep the moisture in for a longer period of time and will fight the cold and dry weather, all in one.

If you want to retain your length during the winter season, put your hair in a short term protective style like:

Two strand twists, flat twists, kinky twists, I really don’t like the wigs because my scalp needs some air but if it works for you french braid your hair underneath and then put it on! French braids with added hair to last longer and protect the ends.Even a sew-in weave is a protective style that will hide all of the hair and protect it.

Remember that when we put your ends together (the bottom of a twist or braid), it makes the ends stronger as a whole and that can reduce breakage or dryness from occurring.

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Bald spot update – November 2012

Does anyone remember this?

(The date on the photo is incorrect this is from last year November 2011) I had bald patches in the crown of my head due to stress and scratching it. So I started using the Jamaican Black Castor oil on it.So in April, I had some good growth but it was still thin and not full.

And a year later, my bald area is full and thick. I have just kept massaging in JBCO when needed and leaving it alone!

So JBCO really worked for me and it is also what I seal my ends with because it is so heavy and my kinky Afro textured hair likes heavy.

Hope that you have had great results with is also.

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Length Check – November 2012

Good afternoon everyone,

I recently washed my hair and had my daughter do a length check on me from the back so here it is. I am sticking to my regimen which you can find on the page that says “My regimen.” I have retained so much length, but since our Kinky hair shrinks right up, you would never know. Yaaaaay Me!

So here is a photo on dry hair, but the picture is not that good. Sorry Frown

I got some great retention by keeping my ends in protective styles and moisturizing as often as needed. I hope that your routine is consistent and your hair is benefiting from it because if not, you need to change something in the routine.

Have a great day!

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Are you following a strict routine? Here is why you should – By Longer hair secrets

It’s very easy to get caught up with your busy schedule and
completely neglect your hair.  I know fully well because this
happens to me from time to time.  Sometimes I plait it up and
never remember to treat it or even take those plaits down.
When I finally remember I am usually met with excess breakage,
tangled hair and a feeling of frustration.  Luckily because I
have spend so many years learning about hair care I can quickly
administer some treatment to my hair to get it back on track.
Sometimes though the damage is too great to recover and in that
case I lose lots of hair.  This is not a common occurrence
anymore especially since I have learned to schedule in time for
hair treatments.
I believe that it is essential that you mark your calendar or
even your own mental calendar for specific hair treatments.  That
way you routinely give your hair what it needs when it needs it
before it ever gets out of hand.
When you start learning about your hair the novelty of it will
keep you experimenting with one treatment after the next.
However soon you may lose that excitement and fall away from your
hair care treatments, all the while still having the desire to
grow longer hair.  It happens to all of use.
The best way to conquer that is to create a routine.  Decide what
treatments your hair needs.  Decide on how many times a month you
need to apply each treatment and keep on schedule so that life
does not pull you away from caring for your hair.


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5 common things that are destroying your hair – by Longer hair secrets

Growing black hair is very, very easy once you have a full
understanding of the right formula and the right ingredients that
are essential to longer, stronger strands. But, along with this
knowledge you must also stop doing the things which are
counterproductive to longer hair.

I always compare growing longer hair to weight loss. I have a
good friend who very recently joined the gym. She goes everyday
works out very hard and as soon as she leaves the gym she goes
across the street and buys a creampuff. She then goes to dinner
and has about 3 or 4 beers. I need not tell you that she has not
lost one single pound.

Many of you are probably treating your hair growth to this same
sort of contradiction by the things you do daily which ravish
your hair. In many cases you probably don’t know any better
because the five things on the list are aren’t obviously destructive.

1.Dehydration – Not getting enough water can dramatically
affect the growth of your hair. Water is like a wonder drug. It
hydrates and heals your body. Water cleans your pores which
assist in the removal of dirt, which assist the hair follicles to
grow unobstructed. Drink more water and you will see how much
faster your hair grows.
2.Sweat – Do you work out a lot, sweat a lot but refuse to
wash or rinse your hair? Sweat has a lot of salt which dries out
your strands. You may not always want to fully wash your hair
but you can rinse it out daily. Sweat also clogs up your pores
making it harder for your hair to grow.
3.Shampoo – the wrong shampoo can really strip your hair of
essential oils and coating. When those oils are stripped, the
hair feels find and brittle and yes it does break off too easily.
To avoid this, use an all natural shampoo, make your own if you
can and don’t shampoo your hair too often. Believe it or not a
good rinse under warm water is often enough to get rid of dirt.
4.Too much Moisture – Yes, yes, yes, black hair needs moisture
but too much can be a problem. If you use a daily moisturizing
treatment try to add a treatment once a week which builds
strength to the hair. When you moisturize too much it can cause
the hair to feel mushy and soft and the hair will fall out too
5.Petroleum – This is such a common ingredient in most if
not all hair care products designed for black hair. Yet, is by
far the most inferior ingredient ever. It clogs up your pores,
suffocating your strands and stops the hair from growing. It’s
hard to wash off so you are forced to use the inferior shampoos
which strip moisture and good oils from your hair. It wraps
around your hair strands preventing real moisture from
penetrating. It’s the beginning of the end!
There you have it, 5 things that you can change right now if you
want to benefit from growing hair.



I agree with everything except for #4. As a kinky haired woman, I need more moisture than everyone else, so maybe this was not just for 4c kinky girls, but the info is still great. Hope that you get something from it.

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Kinky kid’s protective style of the month – French braids with beads

I recently had some french braids put into my daughter’s hair without extensions (because she does not need them) and then added beads on the ends to protect them.

To prepare for this style -

I pre-pood her overnight with the 4cnaturalhair’s pre-poo treatment. Then I shampoo’d her hair once then conditioned and detangled her hair. Then moisturized and sealed with raw African Shea butter. Then i applied the JBCO hair food and blow dried her hair.

So I am trying to take pictures and she is trying to  talk on the phone! So this is what I get next -

Hahaha she is cold.

By protecting her ends with the beads, she will be able to retain the length that she gets. Yaaay I don’t have to do hair for a month. Hahahahahahahaha

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Kinky hair tip of the day – SEAL YOUR ENDS

Hi ladies and gents,

I keep getting the “my hair is dry and I don’t know what to do!”

So let me break it down for you again:

First of all, Type 4c kinky Afro textured hair is prone to dryness because it is not straight or curly, so it is more likely for our sebum to NOT make it to the ends of our hair, thus causing dryness.

It is easier for the sebum (Our natural hair and skin moisturizer) to get down to the bottom of an I or and S faster than a Z. Our hair is like the Z. So we have to help it out a little.

You might constantly hear “Moisturize and seal” and that is what we have to do as 4c’s. Many people say that they don’t want to put a label on their hair type, but certain hair types or textures need special attention.So, if you have Afro kinky textured hair (Type 4c) then this is for you!

As we all know, the ends of our hair are the oldest part because the new growth comes in from the scalp. So we have fragile/ old ends that are dry because they are not getting enough moisture (Sebum).

The only way to moisturize the hair is with a water-based moisturizer or water itself. BUT, you must seal the moisture into your ends. You seal the moisture into your ends with a natural oil or butter. Our hair texture loves heavy butters and creamy moisturizers.

How to find a water based moisturizer:

Look at the ingredients on the package and make sure that the first ingredient is WATER! That’s it. You do not want to many alcohols and or sulfates in your moisturizer, because that dries out the hair. (Defeats the purpose)

You can use your conditioner as a leave-in conditioner to moisturize. You can find an actual hair moisturizer to use also. Moisturize your hair as often as it needs, you can never over moisturize our hair type.

How and when to use the water based moisturizer:

You need to moisturize your hair as often as it needs it, during the summer might need more due to the heat and sun. During the winter you might have to moisturize and seal in the morning and at night due to the weather and wind.

It really depends on what your hair needs at the time. So feel it to make sure that you do not get to the “crunchy hair” stage because that is when breakage starts to happen.

You can simply keep a spray bottle of water (distilled), your favorite conditioner and your favorite natural oil or butter melted down and shake and spritz. Do not simply spritz with water and leave it, seal the moisture in with a butter or oil.

Why do I need to seal the moisture into my ends?

To prevent the moisture from escaping, thus causing dryness.

How do I seal the moisture into my hair/ ends?

After you wash your hair with conditioner only, or shampoo and conditioner, apply your moisturizer or leave-in conditioner to the hair starting with the ends of your hair and working your way up. Once you have completed the moisturizing process, it is time to seal it in. Take your favorite oil or butter and melt it down in your hands (If needed), then apply it starting with the ends of your hair and work your way up to the root, gently finger detangling.

Then you can move into styling the hair. Try to keep your ends tucked away as often as possible to retain moisture and length!

I guarantee that you will notice a huge difference in your hair’s moisture retention and moisture level after doing this, instantly!

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