How to set your hair for a great flat twist out

I normally set my hair for the week when I wash it. Setting the hair on soaking wet hair gives me great definition. You can let the hair air dry for about 30 minutes prior to setting for a little “hang time” if you do not like the shrinkage. I usually apply the leave in conditioner and then seal the moisture in with the Jamaican Black Castor oil, then apply an extra layer of protection with the Shea butter.

I never use a comb when prepping and setting my hair, I love to use my fingers to detangle, part and style. So I will part with my fingers and then just clip the rest up. I apply my very own twist and define moisturizing butter starting with the ends of my hair and working my way up, finger detanlging to make sure that the product distributes evenly, then begin to flat twist.

Once I have completed the entire head, I will then stick rollers at the end, old school Jerri curl rollers, and then oil my scalp in the parts and under the twists with Wild growth hair oil. Tie it up with a satin scarf or a a satin bonnet and hit the sack.







Excuse the boob!

When I wake up, I will apply a dime sized amount of Coconut oil to my hands, rub to melt and then remove the flat twists (after removing the rollers). Then fluff, if I need to and roll. Fluff and roll! Ha Ha





What about you, do you get the best definition when you style on soaking wet hair, damp hair or dry hair?

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